Ocean breeze and pine trees.

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I was that crazy horse girl back in elementary school, and actually I think I still am.

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I wish I knew you in real life just to go along with all the outdoorsy stuff with someone who seems to appreciate it

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Aw thank you! I wish I knew you too- it’s hard to find people as obsessed as I am haha.

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If it makes you feel better in my opinion your ex boyfriend wasn't attractive enough for you. You deserve someone better anyway.

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Thank you so much! I mean I obviously disagree but I appreciate your support :)

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Also I just have to say you are beautiful and I love how outdoors oriented you are. It's great to see someone so in love with nature. Also Breakups suck but you seem like such a strong person, you'll get through it.

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Oh my heavens thank you so much!! You’re so sweet, and I absolutely LOVE your blog and Instagram, you are gorgeous! Mini Aussies are so adorable right?! Well to be honest Rocky is my ex boyfriends but he got him as a baby while we were dating so I feel like he’s mine and he does too so I take him a lot. Because of that, I didn’t really train him at first but I’ll tell you what I can. Mini Aussies are crazy, hyper breeds so you have to be able to spend a lot of time playing with them and keeping them active. For a while my ex kept Rocky outside all day at his parents because of work and then Rocky became very crazy and disobedient because he wasn’t getting enough attention. Like really bad and super hyper, it was insane. Now Rocky lives with my family and we/they play with him all day and he is a perfect dog, sweet, social, and super obedient but we have to be active with him a lot to achieve that. Also Mini Aussies love chasing and running away so you basically always have to keep them on a leash if you’re by roads. My friends minni Aussie has been hit by a car three times because she loves to run in the road! I think they they’re perfect because they’re not big so you can keep them in more places, not as high Maintinace that way but they’re not too small either, you can do a lot of things indoors and outdoors with them . Rocky is the perfect hiking budy :) hope this helps!!

dezirezz ah I posted this on accident haha. Hope you see it!!!

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Today at work my manager called me in and told me that someone had complained to upper management that my dress was in appropriate and needed to be longer so I am no longer allowed go wear this dress to work and need to be more conscious of the length of my skirts/dresses from now on.. Seriously?! My mother who is a huge advocate for female modesty bought me this dress to wear to her churches temple grounds, I don’t even like this dress I just keep it because I think it’s work appropriate. I’m seriously so sick of being shamed sexually for my natural body- everyone at work wears dresses this length, but just because one person went out of there way to complain about me (while they were the ones over sexualizing me) I’m being called out. I also think it’s asinine that they kept the individual anonymous, I can understand if I was harassing or making unwanted sexual advances towards this person but I can assure you that is not the case. If they have a right to call me out simply because of a harmless CHURCH dress they don’t agree with don’t I have the right to call them out for their opinion on female modesty that I don’t agree with? The fact that someone went to management and complained about this dress just blows my mind, if you can’t handle my bare knees then this problem is NOT my problem. And the fact that management listened to them blows my mind as well. But it shouldn’t, we live in a society that defines women very much on sexuality alone- whether we’re deeming her a slut or a saint it’s all about controlling her body and sexuality in the end. I’m so sick of this slut shaming and rape culture and THIS IS WHY I NEED FEMINISM- SO I CAN BE DEFINED BY MY PERSON AND NOT BY MY BODY.

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Making my room pretty and I’m very excited about it.

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Reminder! Eat fruits and veggies today -number ones, strawberries and avocado

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Haha thank you!! I’ve had an orange and red peppers so far :)

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I love that you recognized it! I love that mountain too- I spend so much time lost on it’s trails.

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I love Home Depot because they have the best succulents and also dads- soo many dads.

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