Ocean breeze and pine trees.

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So for work I had to dress up like a fairy, and I think I loved it a little too much.

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If I was a deer I would choose to live here.
Maple Canyon, Utah,

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It was a perfect morning.
Hobble Creek, Utah.

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Such a beautiful river bed.
Hobble Creek, Utah.

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Your pictures are so beautiful, I was wondering what you take them with? The scenery and lighting is absolutely breathtaking

Asked by Anonymous

Wow thank you so much :) that is such a nice compliment! I just use my iPhone 5c and vsco.

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The traces of fall up the canyon today made me a bit sad.

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You know in Pocahontas when she’s standing at the waterfall and she sees John Smith for the first time? I kinda feel like that with my serious face and the wind whipping my hair in my face-??

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Rocky’s new friend Sysco is the cuutest babe!

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Trying to make the most of our last summer nights.
Hobblecreek, Utah.

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